See how our work has helped shaped California public policy on economic development, education, and more.

Partnerships That Save Lives

We partnered with the California Federation of Teachers, the California School Employees Association, California Teachers Association, SEIU State Council, California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton, former State Senator Loni Hancock, and business and education leader Stephen Silberstein to create a path to stop the extortion of public schools, public services, and social services programs.
Proposition 25, the Majority Vote on the State Budget (2010)

The Power of Negotiation

We played a strategic role in convening former California Senate President Darrell Steinberg, Assembly Speaker John A. Perez, Governor Jerry Brown, and consultants and prominent labor leaders in AFSCME’s office to work out the framework for Proposition 30, which helped guide California back to fiscal solvency following the Great Recession.
Proposition 30, the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act (2012)

Other Wins

We have a track record of getting positive results for our clients in a variety of areas impacting healthcare, mental health issues, employment, CalPERS retirement, small businesses development, transportation, K-12 and higher education, preschool and childcare development, tax incentives, agriculture inspections, and elderly and disabled care.